Drunk Cherry Chocolate Chunk Brownies

Drunk Cherry Chocolate Chunk Brownies_4

Mike and I went out on a date last night to one of my favorite (newly open and newly discovered) places. We had this dessert – apple walnut bread pudding with salted caramel, TOPPED WITH CHEESE CURDS. Sounds weird, right? You guys, it totally worked, and I was as happy as a clam. Mike always tells me that he knows when I really love something I’m eating because I get quiet and I stop caring about politely leaving bites for the person I’m sharing the dish with. I also stop caring about getting food on my face, or getting my hands messy. That is how good the dish was.

It is also how good these brownies are. The idea came from a girlfriend who sent me a similar recipe, but instead of following it, I made my usual brownies and simply added the drunk cherries. Personally, I like to eat these hot and fresh from the oven. The cherries are still warm and bursting with the boozy wine flavor. The brownies are rich with chocolate, all I’m saying here is… just make them!

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