Texas Caviar

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Lately, we have been obsessing over jalapeños. Thinly sliced on everything, minced and added to everything, or as strange as this is going to sound… slice them and dip them in peanut butter and even that hits the spot like you wouldn’t believe after a long day at work. I sound crazy, I know, but just try it.

A girlfriend of mine did a clean eating challenge this past week, and I happily participated (after my birthday that is). This was one of the things that I made that wasn’t on her “menu” of clean eats, but it wasn’t a cheat either. This stuff can top your eggs in the morning, goes great on top of your avocado toast or even just plain as your side item. The obvious way to eat it of course, is with tortilla chips in front of the football game. I just had to stuff them in a cucumber. It’s totally optional.

We’ve made this over and over, I’ve even made a couple different variations and it’s always a winner. The fact that you don’t have you feel guilty about it just makes it that much better.

Hand Prints

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