Vegan Fudge Bars

Today, I’d like to introduce you to my friend Emily, her blog has been on my short list of “must reads” for years. Emily’s blog is a little bit of everything, life updates, delicious recipes and she is my inspiration for officially going dairy and gluten free. Warning: her kids will in fact give you baby fever – tinkerbell costumes, and fedoras and sweet brown eyes, oh my! (Seriously)

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Hello and nice to “meet” you! I’m Emily and I blog over at One Lovely Life. I’m so happy to be guest posting today for Mackenzie! I feel like we’ve been blog friends for ages. I love her blog and Instagram feed, envy her race training dedication, and love her CLOTHES. (Seriously, lady, please share your wardrobe secrets.)

I asked if Mackenzie wanted anything in particular and she suggested something sweet. Um, yes please. We went gluten and dairy free a year ago for our daughter Sophie, so I completely understand missing pizza and cheese and ice cream, but I’ve also learned to love foods that are naturally dairy and gluten free.

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(Emily and her sweet husband Michael – don’t you just love her dress?)

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