September 21, 2021


Alright - I admit it, Mike is the sandwich KING. He is at his best in the kitchen when I think we have no food. It is when he comes up with some of the greatest sandwiches.

Here is his latest creation... tell me you don't want a bite!

I watched every minute of him making this to make sure I could attempt to replicate it later, and so you could try it at home! He cut the baguette and fried it in a pan until it was crusty on the inside. Then he added the roast beef, and layered on the cheese, then he nuked it until it was good and melted. Then he added the onions - about a tablespoon, added some mustard - to taste. Then he spread a light layer of horseradish on the top of the sandwich before topping the bottom half.

French baguette
Red onion
Provolone cheese
Roast beef

... it was seriously good. To make things a little worse, then I was craving a panini type sandwich, so I decided to make one of my own.Here is my version...

Same concept... I fried the baguette in olive oil, and preheated the oven to 350. When the bread was done, I added the meat and cheese and then put it in the oven until completely melted. Topped that with avocado slices, mayo and a little bit of mustard.

French baguette
Pepperjack cheese
Hellman's mayo - because there is nothing better :-)

Then I decided that sun chips were necessary as a side item - garden salsa flavored, and a diet coke with lime. I was in heaven for just a few short minutes!

*I should mention that Mike took one giant bite of mine and decided it needed bacon. I ate the rest of the sandwich completely agreeing with him. He's that good! Try one, or both - they will hit the spot I promise!


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