November 29, 2021

Tuna Melt

Yesterday I was sitting in a late afternoon meeting, and the guy next to me was eating a tuna melt. Nothing has ever really appealed to me about a tuna melt before, but as I was driving home and my mind started to wander I built this really epic tuna melt. I got home and asked Mike what he thought - he of course loved the idea since he's a fan of tuna melts, and any sandwiches that don't contain just the standard ingredients. I was pretty proud of myself that Mike actually wanted to eat a sandwich that I came up with, so here it is for you to enjoy!

Bread - two slices for each sandwich - duh
Pepper jack cheese
This coleslaw

Make this sandwich as you would any other panini or grilled cheese. Dry tuna, slice of pepper jack, pile on the coleslaw, and add some lettuce. All ingredients for this one are to taste, however much you like of each ingredient. I left the tuna dry because of the amount of mayo and goodness in the leftover coleslaw I had.

 Delish - for real!


Cathy W said...

Great blog name! :) Tuna melts are the bomb--yours looks fabulous. Glad I clicked on your link.

Mackenzie said...

Thanks Cathy!! I just clicked through to your blog and I'm in love!!

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