December 16, 2021

Wedding Details

I have decided that I am the worst bride EVER.

I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, so I decided early on that I'm not girly enough for all the plans that come with weddings. Or maybe I just don't care enough about the actual event - I want to be his wife, and I'm excited for the marriage part, the event however isn't too high on my list (it all sounds like too much attention on the girl that trips on nothing, and can't dance if you ask me).

Mike and I got engaged July 12th and I think the only decision I have actually made is who the photographer will be. My mom and Mike's mom have been AWESOME and so understanding about the whole thing. They split up the tasks immediately determining that I wasn't going to be much help and then ran with it.

My bridesmaids have been insanely awesome too. I was freaking out one day over all the details and Brit came to my house with a stack of magazines and spent the following 8 hours pulling out ideas, weeding them out and then putting them into my very own "wedding binder".

The first couple of months of our engagement my other bridesmaid Kelly was in California for it (just a little far from Minnesota) but even she contributed. I called her and told her that we decided on colors - Navy and Yellow - and within a few hours I had an inbox full of ideas. Almost all of which are being used in our wedding.

I had this super simple and small wedding in my head and it has grown and is shaping up to be more than I could have ever imagined on my own. For the girl whose life never quite went 100% where she thought it would (whose does?) I'm getting the fairy tale.

My mom's favorite project so far has been these napkins - I kid you not, she got WAY into these. They turned out soo stinking cute! There are 4 different types and they are freaking adorable.

Here are the fabric swatches for my adorable dress... the designer apparently sends these before your dress comes in (or maybe they just did that for me?) The left side is what the top is made out of and the right side is what the bottom half is made out of... yepp, it's a two piece dress!

...This is my favorite part... We were wedding planning in California and the moms were joking about a cake topper customized for Mike and I. So, I started checking out Etsy... that site is the greatest thing EVER. I bought this little gem here.

... it's going to be a GORGEOUS wedding - and I will have planned hardly anything - how lucky am I!? :-)


Rachel @ Not Rachael Ray said... [Reply to comment]

Aww! I know I've only "known" you for like...a week...but I am so happy that you are getting your fairy-tale wedding! And that cake topper is seriously one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

Susie Freaking Homemaker said... [Reply to comment]

Rachel you are soo sweet! I'm telling you - if we lived in the same state we would be BFF's for sure!! :-)

Becky S. said... [Reply to comment]

Love love love the cake topper and those napkins are going to be a huge hit! GREAT finds!

Susie Freaking Homemaker said... [Reply to comment]

All thanks to you Becky! Etsy is the greatest site ever, but I wouldn't have found it without you! (PS - you will like tomorrow's post!)

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