January 5, 2022

101 in 1,001

In the spirit of New Year's resolutions I have been working on a list of things I would like to accomplish. There is a thing bloggers do called the 101 in 1,001 - 101 things you want to accomplish in 1,001 days. Which puts you at about 2.75 years. My friend Kelly has me anxiously awaiting her completion of each task - and it made me think that I really should do this! Since it's just shy of 3 years 101 things doesn't seem so bad. So, here is my list - I will update it as I complete items off the list!

Start Date: January 1st, 2012
End Date: September 28th, 2014 - Check my math people - I think I did that right!

1. Vacation in Italy
2. Go on a honeymoon 
3. Vacation in Las Vegas
4. Vacation in Seattle
5. Take Mike to meet my grandparents
6. Visit Washington D.C.
7. Vacation in New York city
8. Take a “staycation” - stay downtown at a hotel for a weekend, eating and hanging out in places I have never been
9. Set up our guest bedroom - alarm clock, lamp, dresser, etc.
10. Paint the laundry room 
11. Re-tile the mudroom floor
12. Find the perfect chair for the mudroom
13. Start the kitchen re-model - new microwave, new knobs for cabinets, counter tops were installed! Still need to paint, hang the new pot rack and add backsplash - Complete 5/31/12
14. Have the side door replaced - New side door and storm door ordered - should be installed in June.
15. Get an office chair for my desk - Completed 1/15/12
16. De-clutter office closet
17. Donate 20 things to charity we no longer use
18. Remove swinging gate from fence
19. Replace two broken boards in our fence
20. Buy darker fabric for café curtains in the front room - Complete 3/21/12
21. Organize storage room - Completed 4/15/12
22. Buy a label maker - Completed 2/19/12 - someone actually bought it for me, but I'm counting it anyway! Thanks Shell!
23. Organize kitchen cabinets - Completed 2/20/12
24. Replace broken blind
25. Add hooks for the blind cords so another one doesn’t break
26. Paint or Wallpaper main floor bathroom - Decided to paint - Completed 5/31/12

27. Decorate for Christmas - a tree, outside lights, etc.
28. Send out Christmas cards
29. Carve pumpkins in time for Halloween
30. Host a Thanksgiving dinner for friends
31. Contribute a side dish for Thanksgiving
32. Go to an apple orchard in the fall
33. Start a new holiday tradition
34. Hand make an ornament
35. Create an ornament out of our first house key
36. Make a holiday wreath
37. Actually use one of the coupons I save - Completed 1/16/12
38. Use up all the gift cards in my wallet- Completed 2/15/12
39. Complete 5 DIY projects around the house (1/5) - I spray painted a 5x7 picture frame and hung it around my thermostat - it's so cute!
40. Create a mail center and calendar spot in the house - Completed 1/13/12
41. Consistently take my vitamins every day for a month - seriously, osteoporosis is no joke people!
42. Follow an entire season of hockey - MN Wild of course
43. Get another tattoo - mom, don’t cringe
44. Go skiing
45. Get a fire safe
46. Buy a new pair of glasses
47. Buy a bike
48. Learn to knit something
49. Go to a flea market
50. Go ice skating
51. Go paintballing - even though I know it’s going to hurt
52. Have a pajama day - have a TV show marathon and hang in jammies, sounds like a nice little Sunday to me!
53. Go to the zoo - Completed 1/8/12
Abby - our goofy French Bulldog:
54. Save up and send Abby to puppy boot camp - she’s so stubborn
55. Buy Abby a new collar - Completed 1/6/12
56. Stock up on grain free treats for Abby for training purposes - Completed 1/6/12
57. Take Abby to a dog park
58. Work with Abby on liking other dogs - seriously, she hates them all
59. Consistently walk Abby at least 3 times a week for a month - Completed 4/30/12
60. Eat at 5 new restaurants (5/5) Bar Abilene, Kinsen noodles and bar, Smack Shack, Phsycho Suzi's, Tilia - Completed 4/16/12 - this number should have been so much higher, oh well.
61. Be consistent with meatless Monday for one month
62. Blog every day for one month
63. Cut out dairy completely for a month - I am allergic after all!
64. Attend a food blog conference/forum
65. Get 20 of my pictures on FoodGawker (8/28) at 14/28 as of 3/31
66. Take at least 3 cooking classes with a friend
67. Cook beef wellington - I think it’s supposed to be hard?
68. Learn to make a mean pad thai dish - Completed 1/23/12
69. Grow my own herbs - Completed 2/15/12 lots of cilantro, little bit of basil they grow completely different!
70. Make homemade ice cream
71. Don’t eat out for a month
72. Make a hot breakfast every day before work for a week - Completed 1/13/12
73. Learn to make pizza dough
74. Make a fruit pie from scratch
75. Make a key lime pie from scratch - Mike’s favorite
76. Do/Make/Have fondue
77. Make something with biscoff spread - seriously people rave about this stuff, what is it?
78. Make a cocktail for a party - 1 bottle of Orange Muscat from Danza Del Sol Winery, 1 can of raspberry lemonade, serve with fresh raspberries - Completed 6/2/12
79. Make another strawberry fraiser cake
80. Make a batch of truffles
81. Cook something with venison - I made my grandmothers venison meatballs - turns out the secret is butter! Check it out here. - Completed 4/13/12
82. Re-make some of the the original recipes on my blog and take new photos if necessary - there are some pictures that are really bad! - Complete - 3/24/12 Some are still not great, but I'm satisfied for now!
83. Create a wordless Wednesday post - this means LOTS of pictures - Completed (with wedding photos) 5/9/12 Check it out here.
84. Install Photoshop and learn how to use it - Installed, now I just need to learn how to use it!
85. Frame one of our wedding invitations
86. Get married - Complete 3/10/12 - pictures to come I swear!
87. Throw a party - seriously, we never have people over
88. Change my name - I’m going to be a MRS soon!
89. See a movie Mike wants to see without complaint
90. Run the torchlight 5K - Registered, and now training race day is 7/18/12
91. Send a care package to a friend out of state
92. Leave a 100% tip to a deserving server - Completed 1/12/12
93. See Phantom of the Opera with my mother on broadway
94. Create a birthday chart - help keep track of everyone’s birthdays
95. Pay for a beverage for the person behind me in line
96. Watch an award show - Completed 1/15/12 - Oscars
97. Buy a sewing machine
98. Read 50 books (20/50)
99. Go to a pricey salon and get a new haircut - Complete 3/13/12 - First real haircut since the engagement!
100. Get a wedding picture framed with our first dance lyrics written around it

101. For every item not completed on this list at the end of 1,001 days donate $5 to charity - see even if I fail I win!


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Kelly said... [Reply to comment]

Love it! Glad you're following suit! I'm so excited to use these next 9 months to knock as many off my list before Sept 28! I know you'll check off most of yours!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Susie, please note that to help in your list, any time we are at a place that sells beverages, I would like to stand behind you in line. You are welcome. -Mark S

Susie Freaking Homemaker said... [Reply to comment]

@Becky and Mark - you two are hilarious! I will make note that when I want to complete #34 and #95 I have help!!

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