February 20, 2022

Bridal Shower

I have awesome bridesmaids. The two that live in Minnesota planned and hosted an amazing bridal in my honor yesterday. If you know me, you know that I am not good at letting others do things for me, so I resisted a bridal shower for as long as possible. Since they know me so well, they also knew they could wear me down. Once I agreed, they went to town planning away!

Kelly has a nack at finding only the good ideas on the internet and tweaking them just a bit to perfectly fit the occasion. Add to that the fact that she has been in, and around about a thousand weddings, and she knew just where to start. And then there's Brit, who can throw a party like no one else - and I mean no one. I wish I had these skills... I can cook, bake, and attempt DIY projects, but throwing parties, and being put on the spot are not my forte.

Thank God I found these two.

They chose pink and green for the color combo, there were cupcakes, an entire chocolate fountain bar with all the proper dipping items, a bellini bar (YUM), sandwiches, and roll-ups, and plenty more.

We played lots of games, and the biggest surprise of all was the video they had of Mike answering questions about me - it was hilarious! Friends and family were both in attendance - including some of my favorite babies!

I went home with a trunk full of gifts - I can't thank everyone enough - plenty of thank you notes to come!


Becky Schmitz said... [Reply to comment]

Wow Brit and Kelly did a totally amazing job! Their attention to details, the food, and the games were great! Lukas and I had a great time and we are glad we could be part of the festivities : )

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