February 13, 2022


It's been almost a week since I have last posted (bad little blogger, I know) But, I've been busy!!

I am in full on wedding SCRAMBLE mode, assigning jobs to other people for help, and trying to handle getting all the right information to the right vendors, and circling back with all of our guests who said three of four people would like chicken, and one pork... but didn't say who was what. See? It's the little things like that I would have NEVER thought of as something that needs to be handled when it comes to wedding plans!

On top of that... we were in California! That whole marriage license thing is apparently a necessary component of getting married. Lucky us - that means we got to take a quick vacation. And boy was it a well deserved one. We have had so much going on lately. We both miss our friends!!

Anywho... here are some pictures of our trip.

We started our vacation right... with bloody mary's at Ike's

The first day, we went straight to the county records office and we got our marriage license. Lucky for us it took hardly any time at all.  So, before we knew it we were at...

(When your car pulls up to this place, you just relax. We needed it.)

We got to barrel taste the not yet released second batch of the tres rose - and let me just say that it goes down almost a little too smooth - almost being the key word here.

This is not the classiest picture I have ever posted - my apologies. But, we were on vacation and wine tasting, and before we knew it we each had two glasses of wine in our hands and were being asked to try a third!!

We even visited the house we are renting for the weekend of the wedding - check this out - it's got the best views of the local vineyards.

 and of course a great pool...

Mike needed to have brunch by the ocean at least once while we were there... so, we went on a mission and found this great place called Jake's... do you think it was close enough!?

Where I had this amazing breakfast - banana stuffed french toast with this awesome streusel and special k topping. And of course with a side of breakfast potatoes.

Which I promptly did this to... Mike asked why I didn't eat the crust - my response was so that I didn't waste room on it (I wanted all the good filling) that was a satisfactory answer for him!

We had a ball... and I think we both wish we lived there. But, like I said... if you LIVE there, where do you vacation!?



Rachel @ Not Rachael Ray (Soon to be Rachel Cooks) said... [Reply to comment]

How fun! Color me jealous! ;)

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