March 29, 2022

Chicken tacos w/queso fresco

I cannot take full credit for this one - I got the idea from The Novice Chef. If you haven't heard of her, you should really check her out - she has AMAZING photos, recipes and a great sense of humor! If you are in need of entertainment you should just swing over and read her posts!

These are quick and easy and very satisfying. I made them in under 30 minutes. I don't have a whole lot of patience so I didn't want to go down the crock pot route.

1lb. chicken
1/3 red onion, sliced thinly
Salsa verde - store bought
Limes, sliced
Cilantro, minced
Queso fresco
1 can of black beans
Your preferred tortilla
Tabasco - just a few dashes, optional

In a pan, fry the chicken with olive oil salt and pepper. When fully cooked set it aside. Slice the red onion thin and fry them for just a few minutes in the same pan. If you have never worked with queso fresco it's packed tightly, but it's served crumbled. Break off a chunk of it and crumble it with your fingers. It is salty and moist and soo yummy. Build your tortillas however you want hit it with a lime and a few dashes of tobasco and eat up!



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