March 10, 2022


Today is March 10th, 2012. You know this, because you're not lame. But, you might not know that today is the day I am getting married! Do you hear wedding bells!?

When we got engaged it felt so surreal. We have been together seven years, and I could finally say "Mike is my fiancé, we are FINALLY going to get married!" We called our families to tell them the news, and then I called all of my bridesmaids, and somehow in that moment with tears streaming down my face and the happy squeals of my best friends, it was real.

If you haven't been engaged before you might not know that from that very moment, you get unsolicited advice from anyone and everyone. What I was told most was "love is a choice" and I think I hated that tidbit more than the others I received - because it just sounds so cold, and deep down I think we all still want to believe in the fairy tale, the idea that love won’t be hard and things will always work in our favor.
I'm not naive, reality set in years ago, but over the last 8 months, being engaged, and going through the roller coaster of planning a wedding (it's not always fun people) I have realized more and more that those stupid people are right. Love is a choice, each day I can choose to adore Mike and let my actions prove it. (Queue my mother saying “actions speak louder than words”) I can choose to see all the things he does for me instead of seeing the things he doesn’t. (I really do notice that you put the toaster away everyday honey!) Choosing him over something that will solely benefit me is love and it is a choice - a hard one that with practice gets easier all the time.
I have referred to myself on more than one occasion as the world's worst bride. Sure I chose flowers, a photographer and a cake, and sat with Mike and I's parents through the vendor meetings. But, the truth is, that's about all I did. My mom, my mother in law, and my bridesmaids did the heavy lifting. I give them the credit for how beautifully this day has come together and turned out.

My bridesmaids planned a bridal shower, and a bachelorette party without a second thought. Brit sat with me for 8 hours one day (after I called her in a panic) pulling pictures and ideas from magazines and organizing them into what became my wedding binder. Kelly was out of state at the time, but all she needed was the colors I chose for the wedding and my inbox was full of pictures, an invitation to Pinterest, and wedding ideas (many of which we used, because she has the tendency to find only the most adorable things). Sandy, who lived out of state the whole time came to the rescue more than once and was always asking what she could do to help. Seriously, you girls are the best.

If I sit and thank everyone I need to thank here, I will sound like I'm thanking the academy. So, instead, I'll write lots and lots of thank you notes. I am off to enjoy my last few hours as someone’s girlfriend/fiancé knowing that it’s the LAST time I won't be someone's wife but, I'll leave you with a few pictures! 

 {The weekend we started dating - 3.4.05}

 {Our senior prom and Mike's favorite picture}

So, happy Saturday to you, and happiest day of my life to me!


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Congratulations Mackenzie! Your mom and I love you and am so very proud of you!

Martin Gerald!

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Congrats!!! I wish you both nothing but happiness! Marriage is the best!

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Congrats again, girl! :)

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