101 Update and Wedding Tips

I’m late on this one - I know, I know!!

101 in 1,001 updates for April:

13. Start the kitchen re-model - finally!! We have a new microwave, new knobs on all of the cabinets and the countertops are being cut in the next week and we will (hopefully) have everything installed within three weeks!
14. Have the side door replaced - Side door ordered including a new storm door - arrives June 5th, then we can get it installed!
21. Organize storage room - completed.
26. Main floor bathroom - paint or wallpaper - found wallpaper, need to get it ordered, then my MIL is going to save the day and help me put it all up.
59. Consistently walk Abby at least 3 times a week for a month - completed. The weather has been amazing.
60. Eat at 5 new restaurants (5/5) Bar Abilene, Kinsen noodles and bar, Smack Shack, Phsycho Suzi’s, Tilia - Completed.
81. Cook something with venison - Venison Meatballs - check them out here.
83. Create a wordless Wednesday post – this means LOTS of pictures - completed. Check it out here.
Oh and now that our wedding if over I have gotten a lot of questions about wedding tips - here are my top 6 - or at least the ones I can think of now, I will update if I come up with new ones!
1. All songs should be shortened to two minutes - the ones in the ceremony and especially the first dance songs. You really have no idea how long 3 minutes and 40 seconds is until you are standing or dancing with all eyes on you.
2. When people tell you that you are the most beautiful bride you should really come up with a response other than “I KNOW” keep in mind… some of these people will be meeting you for the first time. You don’t want to leave them with the wrong impression.
3. Once you make a decision, stick to it - once you start changing your mind everything becomes infinitely more stressful.
4. While you are in the planning stage go to a movie, go to a bar, remember to do something that doesn’t revolve around your wedding every once and a while.
5. Remember that no one will do anything without you on your wedding day. Don’t rush to move to the next thing, enjoy your moments. Immediately after the ceremony I flipped off my shoes, put on flip flops and asked for help with my train. I had no reason to rush, but I didn’t want to hold anyone up. This is a ridiculous concept as the bride. Who freaking cares if you hold people up!?

6. Have someone in your wedding party buy a cooler and pack it full of sandwiches, chips, pop and bottled water. We got back to our hotel room and we were STARVING. We spent the better part of the following 30 minutes trying to order a pizza - all of which were closed.


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    Christina Main — May 15, 2021 at 4:30 pm

    Great Wedding Day tips!!!!

    Can I add one? ;)

    ENJOY EVERY SINGLE SECOND. It will be over before you can blink your eye. Remember to stand back and soak up every detail of what is going on. Cherish that time and day. Look at your HUSBAND- it’s the first day he is that! <3

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    Anonymous — June 17, 2021 at 7:13 pm

    Love this!

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