May 22, 2021

A Day in the Life

One of my blogger friends - Rachel over at Rachel Cooks has started a new series called "A Day in the Life" where she has interviewed food bloggers from all over the place. You get a glimpse into our lives, what a typical day looks like, where we shoot, how we come up with ideas, etc. Pretty cool huh!? What's even better is that she chose me! Head on over here and show her some LOVE!

*Believe me, I know it's a cliche to use your wedding photos everywhere, but since I JUST got married and JUST got the photos back I'm allowing myself to use them! :-)


Christina Main said...


(PS USE THOSE WEDDING PHOTOS! WHO CARES?!?!!? You're beautiful in them too!)

I went, I read, I commented!


Julie @ Table for Two said...

haha, I loved reading that. You know what? Since your IG username is "molson", I've actually referred to you as "mole-sun"..well, that's what I read out loud in my head whenever I see your IG :) btw, you look like a friend of mine. it's scary how much you two resemble each other!

Susie Freaking Homemaker said...

@ Christina - I love you so much! I could not agree more, what's the point in feeling that pretty and having pictures of them if you never get to use them!?

@ Julie - Too funny!! I'm a fan of your blog my dear!!

Rachel Cooks said...

Thanks again girl!

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