June 19, 2021

First Blog Birthday

There is something about french food and the way it's prepared that makes it seem so appropriate when you want to celebrate something special, maybe because the recipes are tedious and each dish strives for perfection. I always picture a chef in a giant industrial kitchen with their white coat and wordless french music blasting while they are bent over the counter meticulously preparing dish after dish. (Yea, I've probably seen one too many Lifetime movies, or read one too many Nora Roberts books - so what!?)

Lately, in my kitchen you will hear my "school yard" mix playing while I sing terribly to the tunes of my teenage years. (Nothing but the classics: Britney, Backstreet boys and Destiny's child, etc.) Far from the french vision. This time I was making something french and tedious and beautiful. A strawberry fraisier cake - recipe here - in celebration of my blog's first birthday!

A year ago today I decided on a whim to start a food blog. I have come a long way from that first post. I've learned so much, and it's been such a fun journey so far. When I thought about how I wanted to "celebrate" I immediately went back to the FIRST food blog post I ever read. It was for this cake. My parents had just gotten back from a trip to Colorado for a friend's wedding and my mom would not stop talking about this cake she had eaten. Since her birthday was coming up I figured why not make this cake she's been  raving about!? I scoured the internet and this was the ONLY recipe I could find that was detailed enough and actually made me think I could pull it off. It took me two days.

So, this time around I thought I could make it even better. First you make the cake - let it cool, and cut it in half. While it's baking - you make this custard complete with almost three sticks of butter and whole milk - I love french cooking. Line the strawberries around the outside of the spring form pan.

Then you fill it with custard... the thick rich delicious FRENCH style custard.

Then you fill that with cut up strawberries... so beautiful, right??

More custard on top...

Then you put the other half of the cake on top of all of that. Add MORE custard, then decorate with pretty strawberries.

Then... and this is the MOST important part - your refrigerate the whole thing for at LEAST 20 minutes. I was caught up singing a song that I won't name and didn't even think about it. I snapped open the spring form pan to take a picture of the beautiful piece of ART I had just made. (Notice that the cake has completely fallen apart on one side)

Baking can be VERY humbling sometimes.

I then flopped it into a normal 9 inch round pan and then went for a two mile run out of frustration. Strawberry fraisier slop anyone?? Just for the record - it is still fantastic. I am not one to waste custard. :-)

Happy blog birthday to me, even if it was a big fat flop. Happy Tuesday to all of you!


Rachel Cooks said... [Reply to comment]

LOL, flop or not I bet it tasted great. Happy Blog Birthday!

Katie B. of HousewifeHowTos.com said... [Reply to comment]

Happy Birthday Blog! And, you know what? I bet the cake, whether flopped or not, all tastes the same with your eyes closed in delight.

Christina Main said... [Reply to comment]

Who cares if the cake doesn't look quite picture perfect- I KNOW it still tasted amazing, if not better because it was a mass of cake! I LOVE CAKE MASSES!

Happy blog birthday to you!!!

Julie @ Table for Two said... [Reply to comment]

happy blog birthday, friend!! so glad to have "met" you and that we have developed a friendship. can't wait til you're in DC visiting!! xoxo here's to many more delicious years!

Stephanie said... [Reply to comment]

Happy First Blogiversary! And many more...

DE glanced over at my screen and said, "Whoa, that looks GOOD." and has now requested I make this. =P

Cassie/Bake Your Day said... [Reply to comment]

Happy blog birthday and cheers to another year!!

Taylor said... [Reply to comment]

Happy happy happy blog birthday!! Even though you thought your cake was a little sloppy I'm sure it was still delicious!

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