Color Run 5K

Have you heard of the Color Run? It’s been all over the US and the idea is that you run a 5K, and at each “K” you are doused in another color of powder! There is a big celebration at the end - you rip open the color packet you were given at the beginning of the race and toss it above your head! 20,000 runners showed up! I was shocked! I was even more surprised that despite those numbers I actually ran into a lot of people I know - including co-workers!

It was a HOT race - I really wish that this weather would just settle down 20 degrees! I have two complaints about this race: absolutely no shade (race location was the state fair grounds!) and the color green wasn’t thrown! We really had so much fun though - everyone was cheering and enthusiastic, there was dancing and screaming and just a lot of happy people! This race is dubbed as the happiest 5K, and I actually agree!

Here’s us at the beginning…

… and us after!

We also just so happen to have had the world’s most adorable cheerleader! Isn’t she the cutest? The flower just kills me! Erica’s munchkin Rory is the sweetest thing ever!!

I still have orange ankles and blue armpits and I think an orange neck! Proof of the fun we had! Good thing I won’t be the only one in the office today covered in colors!

Quick and Dirty - 101 in 1,001 Update:
25. Add hooks for the blind cords so another one doesn’t break - Completed 7/2/12
49. Go to a flea market - Completed 6/27/12
79. Make another strawberry fraiser cake - 6/19/12 See Here - It was a total flop!
95. Pay for a beverage for the person behind me in line - Completed 7/13/12
98. Read 50 books (23/50)  

What’s your favorite race? Have you ever done the color run?


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    Missie — July 18, 2021 at 1:45 am

    So fun! Definitely doing it next year!

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