Work-Out: Training week 1 and 2

Alright - I have gone a week and three days without running or working out of any kind. Which also means I have been going crazy.

I was stressing out one day last week and Mike simply said “you should go for a…” before realizing that I can’t run. You see, I have hurt my back. Between having high arches unsupported in my running shoes and not stretching enough the muscles in my back have gotten too tight. I hit the chiropractor twice last week and he regrettably told me to lay off the exercise until Sunday (today!).

As I’ve mentioned before I have been convinced that a 10 mile race is a good idea… so, we are doing the Monster Dash 10 miler in October. I am going to start posting my weekly work-outs here as help on the motivation front and just in case someone else out there is crazy enough to want to train for it too.

Here’s what I’m doing - last week, I obviously didn’t get any of the work-outs in, but this week I will get my runs in! (Don’t worry - I have a new stretching plan, and insoles for my shoes!)

On cross training days I will do what I feel like doing - bike ride, yoga, pilates, etc. Whatever feels good on that day. I found a pin on Pinterest for P90X abs - I love it. Also, if you haven’t heard of Tracy Anderson - you should google her. Her arm work-outs are KILLER. They seem so easy, and you think “I can do this” then you get 4 minutes in and you want to cry. Hang in there, and finish the whole work out - you will not regret it!

What are you doing to sweat this week?


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    Stephanie — August 5, 2021 at 9:59 pm

    What workout?! I feel like such a bum compared to you. >_<

    I hope your new stretching plan and insoles help a lot. I use to run long distance back in a day and I know how important stretches/warm ups/warm downs are!

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