Training Week 8

Last week of training was a HUGE success! My Saturday run ended up being my very first 10K! I ran the Nickle Dickle day 10k in Waconia! I am so stinking proud of myself! My confidence has gone through the roof when it comes to running - I’m pretty sure I could run a half marathon no problem now and I never thought I could say that. I’m excited for the 10 miler and I’m no longer nervous about it! Everyone told me that once you hit that 5 mile mark you really feel good about everything and they were totally right!

My husband is the greatest. On Saturday morning I got up around 6am for the race - he got up around 6:30. When we got in the car he was really quiet, I assumed he was just tired so I stayed relatively quiet too. Half way there he tells me that he ended up having to work until 2am - when you own your own company, things like this happen. Last minute he had to fill in and instead of waking me to tell me or telling me when I got him up to go to the race he waited. He knew I would have sent him back to bed, and he knew I wanted him to be at the race with me. On top of that - we were starting the race and they told us that there was only one hill - and it was at the very end. (mean right?) I figured at least I would be good and warmed up before I hit it.

4.5 miles in - I pass this house… seriously, there is a stuffed HORSE on the roof… you can see it on instagram here I laughed really hard and snapped a picture while I was running past. I flipped a quick text to Mike while I ran past it telling him I was at 4.5 so he knew where I was. I finally got to that hill and I made a point to look down, I didn’t want to know how much farther the hill was going to last so I focused on the ground. When I looked up a few minutes later I see this guy leaning against a fence and my whole face lit up like Christmas morning - it was my husband! He grabbed my sweatshirt (now tied around my waist) and my empty water bottle and he ran with me to the top of the hill. I was so happy. I have awarded him as husband of the year. (Seriously, love him so much.)

After that it was nap time. Then later we met up with some of our favorite people! Lindsey and I had plenty to celebrate - my first time running 6 miles and she is down to 2 more board exams before she is officially a chiropractor!

Erica my lovely running partner was also out!

This upcoming week’s worth of training looks like this… I’m very curious to see where our 5.5 mile run takes us this weekend!

How was your weekend? How is your training going?


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    Emily — September 28, 2021 at 12:43 pm

    I’m seriously so excited for you about this! It makes me wish I was already back to post-baby exercising! YOU GO GIRL!

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