Training Week 9 and 10

I totally spaced last week and I didn’t post what I would be doing this past week. So, I’m playing catch up. This is what I did last week, and what I plan to do this upcoming week.
I think Erica and I got ahead of our training program by about a mile - our Saturday run yesterday we ran 7 miles, but according to our program we should have been on 7 miles. I think we just got excited about rounding out 5 miles instead of 4.5 one Saturday and we’ve been cruising ever since.
For our 7 mile run, Erica was out of town, so we each had to run alone. Which, as it turns out is starting to suck. I’m enjoying running with someone instead of alone. For my 7 miler, I opted for the treadmill, I figured Netflix would keep me distracted enough to get it done and over with quickly. But, the reality is that the treadmill is now slow and boring to me. We are 27 days to race day and 10 miles no longer seems like that big of a deal. We.Got.This.
What are you doing this week??

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    Becky Schmitz — September 30, 2021 at 6:04 pm

    Put Netflix on the iPad and watch Food Network shows- 2 shows=6 miles!

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