Training Week 11

Well, last week’s training sucked. My allergies were made my runs miserable. I stopped running at 1.75 miles on Monday and walked my butt back home. Friday was miserable - runny eyes - itchy everything - so, I caved and bought allergy tablets. Well wouldn’t you know, I was suddenly a million times better. I was determined to run our long run on Saturday even though it was my birthday.

Surprisingly, the run went really well! It was cold outside - about 37 degrees, and I wasn’t convinced I was going to warm up enough to get the whole thing done. By mile two we were both cruising and warmed up.

We are a mile ahead still - so, this upcoming Saturday we are going to run 9 and then we have the awesome taper week! I am so looking forward to just 6 miles!

Exactly 13 days until my vacation in Florida - I seriously cannot wait.


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