Colorado Springs

Lots of pictures comin’ right at you readers - all of which have been pulled from Instagram. So, some of you are going to be all *eye roll* I’ve seen these to which I say - too bad. :)

{someday I will learn photoshop and I won’t have pictures like this with random dudes in them}

Though Mike and I have only been married for about 10 months, we have been together the better part of a decade and I must say that what I love about marriage is that you are still learning about each other - all.the.time. So, when the plan for this trip came together I didn’t realize I was married to Sherlock fricken Holmes.

Let me back up and explain - this trip was supposed to be a surprise!  Our friends Casey and Sandy moved to Colorado Springs almost two years ago and Mike and I have been talking about visiting ever since. They recently bought a house so it seemed like the perfect time to take a weekend and check it out! Sandy and I started plotting in November, we were going to attempt to surprise them both!

Due to my accurate weather report and divulging how much I spent on flights my husband guessed our destination the day before and I seriously considered punching him. I was having so much fun messing with him!! Now Casey on the other hand thought he was picking up Sandy’s sister at the airport instead of us, so the look on his face was pretty priceless when he pulled up!

We ate dinner in Denver on Friday night, and then drove back to their house. Took the tour and I finally got to meet their wiener dogs Frank and Wally who are pretty much the most adorable dogs on earth (aside from my own of course).

Saturday morning Casey and I went for a run walk - the elevation kicked my butt. Then we all had breakfast from this place called Rudy’s they have the best (seriously) breakfast burritos I have ever had. I will attempt to replicate, but I’m sure it won’t come close. Mike talked about his all day! If you ever have the chance to eat there have a sausage breakfast burrito for me! I didn’t take a picture, because if I had done that every time I ate something this post would be full of nothing else!

Then we hit Garden of the Gods with the puppies and walked around - I was blown away by how beautiful it was. For those of you following me on Instagram - I’m sorry - there were a LOT of pictures that day!  Then we hit a local brewery for lunch (couldn’t tell you the name of it if you paid me at the moment) that had the most amazing sliders and wheat beer!

After that we hit Marigold’s and acted like we were still hungry. I had a big ol’ slice of the Strawberry Fraisier Cake and a cappuccino. Years ago my mom went to Colorado Springs, and wouldn’t stop talking about this strawberry cake… one that I have tried to replicate without ever tasting it - which is pretty close to impossible! Finally, I got to try it!

I mean seriously… the bakery case…

I get why she talked about it for so long afterwards!

That night we had homemade pizza - cooked on the green egg! I have decided Mike needs to buy me one. If you know us you know that I do this all the time - I point to a pretty house, some insanely expensive kitchen appliance, etc. and say “will you buy me that?” and he says “yepp” - it’s a fun albeit fantasy game. I mean seriously - what a guy that he just plays along!

{new favorite picture of us}

We hit up a couple of local bars for a few beers and hit the hay early that night - so much fresh (thin) air - I was beyond tired! Mike kept giving me this hilarious look of sympathy. I did kick butt a darts despite my exhaustion, which made him really proud.

On Sunday, we went to the Broadmoor hotel. This place is the creme de la creme of hotels. I’m sure the rooms are absolutely gorgeous, and I know the views are stunning, but let’s talk about the food. This is their BRUNCH…

This is also my heaven. I sorta believe that heaven is your own little mini oasis, but it’s different for everyone - like my husband’s would have endless pizza, beer, couches and pants would always be optional. This brunch is mine. The food completely surpassed my expectations and did I mention that they have a chef at every.single.station station!?

The chef poaching eggs for the eggs benedict and I were fast friends. I asked him to show me how he poached the eggs so perfectly. I must try his technique asap! Plus, his hollandaise was the best I have EVER had. He was also impressed by the four plates of food I put down - including two eggs benedict.

The bottom line is that I would go back to colorado springs on a LAY OVER just to have enough time to hit this brunch again. I looked it up actually - it was voted one of the top 10 brunches in the NATION.

Then we hit the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo before we had to head to the airport and acted like little kids.

We fed the giraffes… twice. They are just too adorable! Apparently they recently had to switch from crackers to lettuce, because the giraffes were getting a little heavy from all the feeding that was going on at the zoo!

The view from the chair lift at the zoo - seriously, might be the coolest zoo I’ve ever been to! Thanks again to Casey and Sandy for letting us stay and occupy their time for a weekend! And big thanks to Jenna for staying with our furbaby!

Ok- now off to run 10 miles, do 500 sit ups, and 300 push ups to burn all the calories consumed last weekend. I’m exhausted.


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    Christy @ My Invisible Crown — January 29, 2022 at 4:22 pm

    Well I said to heck with it and came on over! I think everything is fine and I couldn’t resist seeing you new design. Super cute!! And the trip pictures look amazing!

    • Mackenzie — January 29th, 2013 @ 4:45 pm

      I’m working on getting the problem cleared up! So glad you stopped by though!! The trip was a blast! :)

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    Mike — January 29, 2022 at 4:51 pm

    It was an awesome surprise, even if I did guess it a day ahead of time. Thanks again for planning such a great trip honey! I love you.

    • Mackenzie — January 29th, 2013 @ 4:53 pm

      You’re Sherlock Holmes - next time I’m not telling you one single thing!

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    Angela — January 31, 2022 at 6:15 pm

    Wonderful pics. I LOVE Colorado Springs. It is so beautiful. When we hiked around the Garden of the Gods, my almost 10 year old fit in one of those backpack carriers, if that tells you how long it has been since we have been there. :) What a fun surprise you made for your hubby!

    So glad I could meet you at Mixed. Flu, holidays, etc. made sure I didn’t catch up with you until now… Gotta keep in contact! And come over to play with my chickens when it gets a little warmer. :)

    • Mackenzie — February 3rd, 2013 @ 9:17 am

      Hello my dear!! So good to hear from you! We do need to schedule that get together! I want to play with your chickens!!!

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