February Obsessions

I don’t know how often these types of posts will appear - if ever again. But, these are the latest things that I can’t get enough of…

1. 30/30 app - Where has this thing been all my life?? You set up a list of tasks you want to get done - or things you want to set a limit on and hit the start button - 30 minutes of pinterest, 30 minutes of blog post writing, 1 hour of laundry, etc. It tells you when to move onto the next task. I love it.

2. Downton Abbey - I didn’t think I would get into it, because I’m not a huge fan of historical/time period pieces, but it’s so addicting. And is it bad that I was so impressed that it was a PBS production? I’m going to attempt to savor the show and only allow myself to watch it while I’m on the treadmill. Incentive to run people - I’ll do anything to make it more enjoyable!

3. Homemade pizza - I’ve made pizza about a thousand times, but there is nothing better than pizza off of a pizza stone. I can’t stand the sound and feel of pizza stones, so I have always avoided using one. But, the one we got as a wedding gift has a smooth coating, so I can actually stand to use it!! (Recipes, and tips for using a pizza stone to come!)

4. Stickygram - Did you know you can turn your instagram photos into magnets for your fridge? I am obsessed - I have just ordered yet another set full of our pictures from Colorado Springs.

5. Chobani’s new pear flavor - I genuinely didn’t think anything could be better than the apple cinnamon one, and I am now admitting that I was wrong.

6. This post by Megan at the Fresh Exchange  - it’s all about this crazy blogging world and feeling the need to keep up with the constant changes, and how we should all take the pressure off ourselves to be like everyone else  and just - BE YOU!

7. Running. I’m sweet on it again. I forget sometimes how good it feels… when I’m done. Thanks to Erica who repeatedly proves it to me - why are you so good at making me do things (run) when I have no desire to do them??

{ps - Fit Fab Cities has the best motivation Monday posts ever.}

8. My husband. I have been beyond tired, unable to sleep, demanding, insisting on him making dinner instead of me, and he has taken it all in strides. He really is kind of awesome.

 {he’s also a great wine pourer}

What are your latest obsessions??


4 Responses to “February Obsessions”

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    Taylor — February 8, 2022 at 7:09 am

    I’m also loving Downtown Abbey…you’re right - it’s so addicting! Also that 30/30 app…genius!!

    • Mackenzie — February 11th, 2013 @ 10:09 am

      You need it!!

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    Stephanie @ Girl Versus Dough — February 9, 2022 at 10:59 am

    Oooooh Downton Abbey. SO. OBSESSED.

    • Mackenzie — February 11th, 2013 @ 10:08 am

      I can’t get enough - I flew through the first season and now I need to find the second season! I know I’m going to end up buying them all on DVD!

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