Half Marathon Training: Week 1

I trained my butt off for the Monster Dash 10 mile race, I was terrified I wouldn’t be able to finish or I would end up walking. Thankfully, neither of those things happened. The plan after that race was to keep up with 5 mile runs so that at the very least I wouldn’t be starting over when I started training for my next race.

… yea, about that…

It didn’t happen. The holidays came and went and I sat around on.my.butt. So, I sort of feel like I’m starting over - which is insanely frustrating. Let’s hope this feeling is a motivating factor in not letting that happen again between my next race(s).


We are now 83 days (about 12 weeks) before the race and it’s time to get serious about training! I limit runs to 3 days a week, to make sure my muscles have time to recover, and I don’t risk injuries. Saturday’s are typically my long run of the week. I try to run with at least one other person (Erica) though this time around I’m hoping for a group of runners (*ahem* I’m talking to you Anne and Ellen!)

Rest days are optional as far as I’m concerned. If hubby wants me to hit the gym with him on a rest day I happily go, I just do everything with a little less gusto than usual.

I use Tracy Anderson DVD’s for my arm exercises, because they are the only ones I have ever used where I saw a real difference. 90% of them don’t have weights, so you are tricked into thinking they are going to be easy. They are not. Check her YouTube channel here. For Ab work I do the P90X Ab ripper routine I found on Pinterest, check it out here.

As weird as this is going to sound to some people - I do abs and arms first and then I run. This way I can cool down and stretch and not jack my heart rate back up after a run, plus I tend to do more quality work on abs and arms when I’m not so tired!


 Are you running any races this year? Which ones?


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