Anniversary Celebrations

As I mentioned in my last post, we have been celebrating our first anniversary! We spent our weekend in California with some of our favorite people - along with both sets of our parents, we spent time with Casey and Sandy. We officially love traveling with them and have decided we should see them every other month for.ever.

We hit Temecula shortly after landing in San Diego, dropped our stuff at my in laws house and went STRAIGHT to Danza Del Sol Winery. We grabbed a glass of wine and started walking up to the club house where we got married the year before. The first thing I saw was our hand prints in the concrete…

Yes, there were a few tears. We hit a favorite spot of mine for dinner - REAL french fries, made french style - so good. We got up Saturday and went wine tasting at three other local wineries. We had a ball going from place to place and getting to check out the competition and the crowds. Of course we took a million pictures along the way…

Love this picture of Mike and I, but holy purple lips - classy, yes? Saturday night we all had a home cooked meal in and cake! When we got married, we used this adorable bakery and the woman specifically asked me not to freeze the top tier of my cake. She told us to come back next year and she’d give us the top tier for free. Thankfully, my mom and my husband remembered this, because I had forgotten all about it! Turns out she gave us a very large cake, not just the top tier! Chocolate cake with raspberry butter cream… mmm…

Sunday was the big day! We woke up that morning and had french toast, and mimosas! I lourves me a mimosa! Then we split up 6th grade style - boys hit a couple wineries and girls hit Old Town and went olive oil tasting! Sounds strange, and it kind of was. But, we all walked out with at least one bottle of olive oil and for some reason I also left with chap stick - olive oil and vanilla bean to be exact!

The girls then decided that a few beers were in order… we had to drink something to soak up all the olive oil! ;) Then we met the boys back at Danza. We goofed off the rest of the afternoon. These are my two new favorite pictures…

It took us a few tries, and of course the boys nailed it on the first try. Nice bellies, yes?

I laughed SO hard over that one. Their faces are pretty priceless. Then it was time for Mike and I split off from the group. We had reservations at the hotel that we stayed at on our wedding night. So a romantic dinner just the two of us complete with apple butter cheesecake… yea you read that right was in order.  I couldn’t stop thinking about that cheesecake the next day - it’s gonna be the next dessert I make. It was just to.die.for.

This was the view from our villa - seriously. Just stunning. I watched the sun rise the next day over the mountains and decided I never wanted to leave. Why does that always happen on vacation!? Before we knew it - it was time to head back to San Diego.

But of course, there was one last stop to be made…

It’s becoming a tradition of ours and quite frankly, I love it! This zoo is so much better than I remember it! Plus, it’s huge! We walked around for 2 and a half hours and I swear we only saw half of the zoo. There were a couple of pictures along the way…

Sorry Casey (and Sandy) it had to be posted.

Wine country was good to us. Minnesota is cold. Very grateful to have parents that are so supportive and made our first anniversary a big deal even though they’ve had dozens. And of course I’m grateful for really good friends.


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    ashley - baker by nature — March 15, 2022 at 6:15 pm

    Oh how this post makes my heart yearn for good ol’ Cali!!!!

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