Half Marathon Training: Week 7

Alright, I’m back with training updates! The long and the short of what I’ve been up to lately on the training side is rest. My IT band kicked my butt last week, add that to vacation and you get rest, foam roll, high protein foods and lots of water. I got around 4 miles into my 8 mile run last week and my knee cap was starting to get a little sore. Within a few more minutes I was in tears.

I got off the treadmill and used a foam roller and a tennis ball to search my thigh for the real sore spot and found it on the side of my leg. I did a bunch of research - yes, research. I don’t usually have to deal with injuries! I found exercises and advice all over the place. On top of that my lovely friend Anne once had to deal with this same problem and gave me the exercises she did to get over it! My other lovely friend Erica gave me a bunch of other tips - including the big question - how many miles have you put on your shoes?

Did you know that your shoes should be swapped out rather often?

Some say every six months, some say every 2-300 miles, some say every 3-400 miles. No matter who you listen to on that - my shoes need to be replaced. I’m long past 6 months, and I’ve hit about 310 miles on my shoes. This could very well be the reason that my IT band is acting up. New shoes are in order. Dynamic stretching, tiger balm and inner thigh exercises have all been added to my plan for the next three weeks. I will keep running - slowly.

 Today, I’m rockin’ these bad boys! Happy St. Patty’s Day ya’ll!



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    Katrina @ In Katrina's Kitchen — March 20, 2022 at 11:51 am

    So easy to overlook our most important piece of equipment!

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