June Obsessions

Current obsessions coming at you…

1. This picture, enough said.

2. Weddings - as in, everyone else’s. My wedding was beautiful and I loved every minute, but you have so many things you are trying to keep track of that day, and so many people to see. So, Micah and Tiffany’s wedding was a good reminder of how relaxing they are when you are on the other side!

{These two were giddy all day, it was adorable}

3. Fruit in my water, no idea how this started, but I can’t get enough lately.

4. Getting to see how far I’ve come and how much my skills have improved. When you work at something you really can get better!!

5. Rowing. For some odd reason it makes me feel like a bad ass, even when I only do 10 minutes.

6. This giraffe ring holder I stumbled across. I was in desperate need of one. If you know me IRL you know my rings are in my pocket the second I start cooking - I’m terrified I’m going to lose them!


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