When summer is over, I will be less pre-occupied and these snapshot posts won’t be nearly as often. This past weekend was spent at the cabin with my in laws and four other families. I’m going to preface these photos by saying that the girls were the big winners all weekend long. Flippy cup challenge against the boys? We won. Three buck? We won. The biggest winner of all? Katelyn.  A huge thank you to the Olson’s and the Shimota’s for hosting.

{morning coffee outside with the pup}

{we were in fact sober when this happened}

{she fell asleep with her butt in the air while hanging with the boys in the bunk house}

{boat ride}

{this is what happens when you tell a food blogger you’re all set on food}

{not one but two deep fried turkeys}

{you’re drooling now, right?}

{delicious dinner}

{three buck}

{she hid under the bed for a bit on Friday, she looks like a gremlin}

{sunday night dinner courtesy of hubby and the big green egg}


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    laurasmess — July 26, 2021 at 1:33 am

    Haha! I’m enjoying these holiday photo posts. That food looks AMAZING, as does the scenery. Love the pup-under-the-bed photo… my husband’s mother has a little dog (not sure what breed actually, maybe maltese?) that likes to hide under the bed. She looks like a little dragon. She also sleeps on the back of the sofa, balanced precariously like a cat. Ah, animals are fascinating P.S I laughed out loud at both of you in the shirt. So cute. Glad you’re having a great time!! xx

    • Mackenzie — July 28th, 2013 @ 11:14 am

      Thanks Laura! The joint shirt picture is my husband’s new favorite picture!

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