Sweaty Sunday : IT Band Rehab

You guys. I got to RUN this week. Realistically, it was a jog, but it felt so awesome!

My chiropractor (Dr. Lindsey Muth at Back to Balance)  has been absolutely awesome. Together we came up with a plan for moving forward. I will have one more week of graston treatments at the current frequency (2x/week). Then we will drop down to one treatment a week for around another month.

In the meantime, I get to run whenever I feel like it for as long as I want. :)

Wednesday, I ran the 2.37 miles, then I did ab and arm work. Friday I hit the pool and did some pool running for about 30 minutes. Then I ran about 2 miles and again did ab and arm work.

While at the pool, getting in my aqua jogging - I did relax a little. ;)

Also, my girlfriends and I are doing this 30 day plank challenge, you should too!



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