January Obsessions

Current obsessions include…

1. Inkling - specifically, the virtual cookbook section. I can’t stop looking at the beautiful photos! There are recipes, video tutorials and even step by step “how-to” recipes. I can’t get enough.

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2. Men at Work - it’s on TBS, you probably haven’t heard of it, but you absolutely need to watch it. It is laugh out loud funny, written by Breckin Meyer, and this kind of stuff happens… it’s a winner. My favorite scene so far is when the guys are out at a bar and one points to a girl and says to the others “that’s not even a color found in nature” referring to her fake tan… another guy says “sure it is, it’s called ‘whore-ange’…” if you don’t think that’s funny, it’s cool, we just won’t be friends any more…

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3. Simply balanced crackers - specifically, the rosemary date crisps. I eat them with everything. On the side of my sandwich, in my favorite salsa, topped with slices of cheese. Thank you Nicole for getting me hooked!

4. Everything about this photo - “feels like -40″ weather be damned. Abby is always up for some cuddle time. Give me a big fluffy comforter, hot coffee in my hand  and our walking cliche and I can ride out the coldest of days.


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    laurasmess — January 27, 2022 at 8:19 pm

    Hahahaa, whore-ange! Ah dear. Is it bad that I like that joke?! I think I need to watch that series. We’re still hooked on Parks & Rec in our household, we get the seasons a bit later than you guys so Aaron and I are watching season 4 at the moment. Such a good chill-out sess at the end of the day. Love that picture of Abby. She is the sweetest little munchkin! xx

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