I’ve been busy. Like, really busy. Like, it’s bananas how busy I’ve been. (are you cringing from my use of the word ‘like’ yet?) What does this mean you ask? Nothing other than I haven’t had time to post yet this month, I haven’t seen baby Abigail (or her mom) as often as I usually do, I haven’t read a book, I haven’t seen a movie, I have barely gotten my book club girl time, Brit and I haven’t been up to speed on our Thursday night dates, and I haven’t watched anything on my DVR in weeks.

What’s been going on you ask? Let me tell you.

Valentine’s Day plans! We are going OUT this year. We have stayed in the last 3 years for the hallmark holiday and I miss going through the motions of getting dressed up and going out with my husband. We all know I like to be wined and dined, especially when my husband has nothing to pay attention to other than me. (high maintenance, party of one!? Oh me, yes, I’m right here!)

We bought a house, three years ago… no wait, four years ago? I don’t know. It was a long time ago, and we have never had people over. Don’t get me wrong the occasional group of people for dinner has happened, but a party party hasn’t happened. My husband wanted to throw a housewarming party, I wanted the counter tops installed first. Then he wanted to throw another party and I came up with some other excuse… and so on and so on. So, he told everyone we were throwing a super bowl party… and then he told me. Smart man, yes? I didn’t have the chance to deny him the pleasure of having all of our friends over if he didn’t tell me it was going to happen until after he told them.

So, he pulled out the worst best wedding gift ever, the keg refrigerator (thank you Mr. Nelson) and got it up and running. I made pulled pork, with all the fixings. I didn’t have the chance to photograph it before or after the party, so I’ll list the recipe below. The party was a success, the super bowl was not, the end.

I haven’t made a grocery list in two weeks. Well, okay. I made a list for the pulled pork fixings, but I haven’t bought food for us in two weeks. We’ve been eating out a lot, and I’ve been dipping into the freezer stash. Thank goodness I get on those kicks of making too much soup or sloppy joes and remember to freeze them. They have saved me more than I care to admit lately.

On top of that, I’ve been… uninspired. I obsessively read this post trying to drum something up. Hands shaking… Must.Start.New.Pinterest.Board. I love Jessica. I can say that even though we’ve never met, because of this weird internet world we live in.

Completely random thought; I’m back on my Hendrick’s gin and tonic kick! This usually doesn’t happen until summer. Read : I’m desperate for warm weather and somehow convinced that if I start drinking my summer drinks I can will it to happen. See also : it’s not working.


Pulled Pork Recipe:

5 lb. pork shoulder, bone in

1/4 cup blackberry jam

1 T grated ginger

3 scallions, chopped

4 cloves garlic, minced

2 c. beef stock

1/4 cup of soy sauce

2 T honey

pinch of crushed red pepper flakes

Toss everything in the crock pot, cook on high for 4 hours, flipping it every hour. The bone will be protruding at this point, flip it again and turn the crock pot down to low for an additional two hours and remove. Pull with two forks, place back into the crock pot on warm until you are ready to serve.


Ok, off to Chicago. Happy Friday dear readers!


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