Garmin VivoFit Review

I’ve had a Garmin VivoFit for about a month now, and I finally feel like I can write up a thorough review. Please note, I was not paid to write this, and the opinions are all my own.


I like that this thing is plain Jane, but can be jazzed up. Let me explain, you pick a color when you order and you get a large band and a small band in that color. But, when you walk through the aisles of target, you can find multi color packs on the bands. If you are so inclined, you can jazz it up whenever you want. No, you will not find me color coding my outfits with my VivoFit, but if that’s your thing, game on!


I like the amount of information I can get with just a click of the button - number of steps, number of steps you still need to take to meet your goal, number of miles, calories burned, time and date. When you are wearing a heart rate monitor, your heart beat shows up on VivoFit too! The variety of features is one of my favorite things, but as simple as it the watch is one of my favorite parts. Another great feature is the MyFitnessPal integration, and if I was good at tracking calories and able to do it in a healthy way, that would be at the top of my list.

After one hour of inactivity, a red line appears. After each additional 15 minutes a red dash shows up. You’ve gotta move to get them to go away. We call it the red line of shame at work, and we walk. Have I mentioned that I love my job lately?


Most of the time, I don’t notice it on my wrist. It’s thin enough to feel like a watch and doesn’t rub my wrist or anything strange like that. It’s easy to put on and easy to adjust throughout the day if you need to. At night, I tend to wear it on the opposite wrist. This sounds weird, I know. I’m just not used to wearing something around my wrist 24/7 so it seems like a good idea to give my left wrist a break over night. My brain is mostly logical! I have an odd feeling it’s going to drive me batty in the winter when I’ve got long sleeves on and bulky sweaters, we shall see.

Ease of Use:

Seriously, you pull this thing out of the box and push the button and you’ve already gotten things started. Download the app, turn on your bluetooth and press and hold the button until it says Synch. Your data loads into the app and has these really pretty interfaces. After that first setup, it’s simply one sync a day and placing it in sleep mode before bed.

Myth Busters:

Right after I started wearing my VivoFit, I got a lot of questions, and opinions.

I’ve heard… that if you shake your arm it counts steps for you, and it’s easy to cheat. Actually, for some reason when I shake my arm it counts not a single step, it’s like psychic or something and knew what I was doing.

I’ve heard… that it synchs with MyFitnessPal and can deduct calories based on your activity level. True!

I’ve heard… they fall off all the time. This hasn’t been my experience, but they have these clips on Amazon that you can order to keep the band on if you’re having trouble. I will admit, mine has fallen off twice, both times I dragged something on it. Dropped my laundry basket in a weird way and it dragged down my arm, VivoFit was on the floor in about 3 seconds flat. Ditto with my purse in the parking lot at work.

Is there a set number of steps you have to take to get the red lines and dashes to go away? The answer here is no. Sometimes, it’s only a few, other times it’s a 10 minute walk. It depends on how sedentary you have been throughout the day.

The drawbacks:

It starts a new day for you at midnight. This doesn’t sound like drawback, but sometimes I’m not done meeting my goal, but I’m still out running around with friends and I’ll look down thinking I’ve got to be close and no dice, it’s counting steps for the next day already.  So, hurry up Cinderella, you gotta get those steps in before midnight! This isn’t really a drawback, it’s just plain logical, but I said it anyway. ;)


I love it. I firmly believe that we should move everyday, and this thing is an awesome reminder that it’s been an hour. The other thing I’ve noticed is that it makes me think twice before taking the closest parking spot, or dreading that trip to the end of the driveway to bring up the garbage cans. If it causes you to even think twice about how long you are sitting, it’s totally worth it.


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