A Weekend in Boston, MA

So, I went to Boston to visit a girlfriend. Like 5 months ago. Well, okay more like 3 months ago, but still it feels like forever ago already. I should have written this right away, because now my brain is a little fuzzy. This post should really be tagged as “eating my way through Boston” because quite frankly, at this point, I remember all.the.food.

I got off the plane, and jumped into the arms of my girl Brit. Together again, and I could not have been more thrilled. First thing we did was head to the north end, we put our names on the list at Neptune Oyster and walked around exploring the area. When we saw that there was no line at Mike’s pastries, we decided to start there. Dessert before lunch, when in Rome!

By the time we were done eating those, we got the call that Neptune Oyster was ready for us. We headed that way, and we had our first round of oysters. I was just shocked at how good they were, which is funny. Hello the ocean is right there… of course they are better than the ones we can get in Minnesota. Brit ordered us a hot lobstah roll, and I thought she was crazy. I’ve only ever had them cold, and they are soo good that way. Sure enough, she was right - the hot lobstah roll was to die for. I was already full enough to not eat another bite the rest of the weekend.

We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the city, hitting the classic spots - quincy market, etc. We passed the oldest bar in the country and decided that was a good place to stop and have an afternoon drink. We randomly passed an ice bar and decided to investigate that only to realize it really was literally an ice bar. Which is what we were hoping for, but at 4pm it wasn’t exactly what we needed to be doing. We hit a few stops on the Freedom Trail and headed home.

For the life of me, I cannot remember where we ate dinner, or what we did after. See? It’s been too long. Oh well. The next day, we rolled out of bed, and hit Ball Street Cafe for breakfast. We had a phenomenal breakfast, but as weird as this sounds, my favorite part was the self serve coffee bar. I got to pour it myself, they had almond milk, and nothing but dunkin’ donut coffee. I was in heaven. The breakfast was to die for.


Brit and I then headed toward the duck boat tours, and the cute little shopping area surrounding it. Walked all morning, window shopping and sight seeing. We hit this little lunch spot called Quattro Passi, glass of wine, split a pizza and so on. Half way through our lunch, we found out that the Wahlberg’s were at quincy market. Since we would both die very happy ladies if we got to meet Mark Wahlberg, we immediately left lunch, grabbed a cab and hit Quincy Market to see if we could make that dream happen.

Yes, we sound like stalkers, I swear we are not. Just excited teenagers at heart. We got in line to meet Paul Wahlberg, which for me is a pretty close second. :) At this point, Boston was the best vacation ever.

After that, we hit up Harpoon Brewery, a beer flight is always a good choice.


Before dinner, we decided to eat nothing but oysters. Row 34 serves up platter after platter, and we just kept taking them down. Off to this place called Spasso for dinner where I actually had the best bolognese ever. Half way through dinner, Brit and Derek asked the waiter if there was a spot downstairs. I had no idea what this meant, but I was along for the ride, and up for whatever. After a few minutes the waiter came back and said there were three spaces available downstairs. We then followed him through the kitchen and down two flights of stairs. The look on my face was pretty priceless… like… ok… sure.

When we got to the basement, we were assigned a bar tender. No joke. It was a speak easy bar where they knew you by name and asked about the type of cocktails you like, flavors you like, booze you like. They create a craft cocktail on the spot for you. We sat there for hours. The cocktails were epic. I didn’t know the name of the place then, I don’t know the name of it now, but I would go there again, any time.


In the morning, we discovered Tatte Bakery and I fell in love. This place has rustic charm and distressed shelving, farmhouse seating and craft coffee. It was my last stop before the airport, and it was fantastic. I’m planning my next trip already.


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