Hi, my name is Susie Mackenzie, welcome to my blog!

I live in Minneapolis, my favorite color is green and I am a Libra in more ways than I care to admit. I will probably forever skip the water chestnuts in recipes, and never make lemon bars. I swear everything tastes better with sauce, and I never pass up the chance to hit the grocery store. I have the world’s most adorable dog named Abby, and I think my birthday is the greatest day of the whole year.

More than anything I will post recipes (some of which will be all my own), but you will also get the occasional story about what I’m up to, and hopefully some DIY type stuff!

Thanks for visiting my blog! If you have questions or comments, anything, feel free to contact me!

This is the world’s cutest dog - Abby:

My husband, Mike and I: