Virtual Baby Shower: Rachel Cooks

I was invited to participate in a baby shower for the lovely Rachel over at Rachel Cooks and I could not have agreed faster! We “met” via twitter what feels...

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Sausage and Pepper Pizza

Today, dear readers I feel like a whole new woman! Yesterday, I got my hair cut and colored and then got all gussied up and went on a date...

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fall quinoa

Fall Quinoa

I’m never going to talk about politics here on my corner of the internet. So, if that’s what you’re looking for today, you will have to go elsewhere. Well,...

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Monster Dash 10 Miler

Once again – I am SO damn proud of myself. The Monster Dash 10 miler was not only my biggest race, but it was the last one of the...

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Winter Minestrone

You guys, as it turns out – Halloween has gotten pretty sad. We only had about 8 trick or treaters and only one of them actually said the words...

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pork ribs

Pork Ribs

I ran the monster dash 10 miler on Saturday with two of my girlfriends and I am still sore. I’m foam rolling and icing like crazy! I will post...

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Girls Weekend

I’ve been MIA – and I’m so sorry! I’ve gotten phone calls, tweets and texts asking what’s going on! Turns out – I did it again – I went...

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sweet potatoes

Hasselback Sweet Potatoes

I have been watching a lot of Ally McBeal lately – do you remember that show?? I want Calista Flockhart’s lips, seriously. My sister and I decided to watch...

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caramel pie

Salted Caramel Apple Pie

You guys – I finally slept! I have had the hardest time sleeping for a little over a month! I used to be that person who was out like...

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Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites

I have a wicked case of writer’s block. I have written and re-written posts multiple times this week, and yet nothing has been published here. I don’t seem to...

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