Wordless Wednesday: Red Pears

I’ve found the upside to snow. It’s an awesome light reflector. These are pretty shots that will make more sense on Friday.

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Skinny Salsa

First of all – can we just agree that salsa is already healthy? It’s the chips that are bad for you. But, if the salsa is even healthier, then...

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Half Marathon Training: Week 5 and 6

Another week – another 3 runs! This past week, instead of yoga class I hit up a new class at Lifetime – Booty Barre class. No joke. I thought...

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pots de creme

Pots de Creme

Quite frankly, my love of whipped cream is getting out of hand. This recipe is about the chocolate mousse like deliciousness, and yet this photograph emerged… That is cinnamon...

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Flipping Pages: Vanity Fare

  I am going to add a book review segment into the blog – nicknamed “flipping pages”. I promise not to bore you with cheesy romance novels or endless...

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pro socks

Half Marathon Training: Week 4

This past week’s runs were hard – hard to find the motivation to run, hard to care about my form, hard to care about not letting myself walk. I...

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Bacon Fried Rice

This is a favorite at our house – when people ask what we’ve been eating lately, this is the recipe that gets requested most often. But, I’ve been waiting...

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How to Make Fresh Pasta

There was a stage in my life where my parents referred to me as the “PQ” which stands for “Pasta Queen” without fail when they asked what I wanted...

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Half Marathon Training: Week 3

Last week my schedule got fudged and I ended up running one of my runs on Friday night and then having to run 5 miles on Saturday morning. This...

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key lime

Key Lime Pie

Mike and I don’t really do Valentine’s Day. We have nothing against it, but it seems like every time we put too much pressure on ourselves to be romantic...

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