trail mix

Easy Trail Mix

A couple of weeks ago I decided we needed a snack bin for our fridge. We both open the door and stand there staring at our options more times...

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Half Marathon Training: Week 2

First week of training is complete and the truth is that today I am SORE. My thighs are killing me and my IT bands are really unhappy. I am...

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February Obsessions

I don’t know how often these types of posts will appear – if ever again. But, these are the latest things that I can’t get enough of… 1. 30/30 app...

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Date Night Lemon Chicken

You want to know what’s really mean? Deciding to have a date night in with your husband – wine, his favorite dessert, and then suddenly, while you’re cooking you...

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sandwich preview

Bacon, Havarti and Strawberry Jam Panini

Alright, this is a 50/50 sandwich, as in 50% of you are going to love the ingredient list and 50% of you are going to gag. At our house,...

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Half Marathon Training: Week 1

I trained my butt off for the Monster Dash 10 mile race, I was terrified I wouldn’t be able to finish or I would end up walking. Thankfully, neither...

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How To Turn Your Blog Into An App

Mike was using my phone the other day and out of no where got a confused look on his face. I asked him what he was looking at and...

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Egg mcmuffin

Homemade Egg McMuffins

This is an interesting post for me. You see, I have never had an egg mcmuffin sandwich. Soo, this was purely for my husband. I told him about this...

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photo 1

Colorado Springs

Lots of pictures comin’ right at you readers – all of which have been pulled from Instagram. So, some of you are going to be all *eye roll* I’ve...

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How To Make Gnocchi

This post is for my girl Sandy. I love her so much, and yes, I picked her up on my wedding day. I clearly thought it was hilarious. Anyway,...

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